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About Spectrum

We do point clouds but we make models

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As a specialised surveying company, Spectrum is passionate about helping you make sense of it all

We use the latest in 3D scanning technology and processes to measure and map the world with precision. We capture point cloud data, which we use to make comprehensive models to inform your design. We understand value doesn’t just lie in capturing a point cloud, it lies in interpreting the data and making it usable. Usable to design from, usable to build from and usable to compare against.

Our Team

Ben Richardson
Managing Director

Ben is a cadastral surveyor with almost 20 years experience in the spatial industry. During this time, Ben has completed post-graduate studies in project management, business administration, corporate governance and executive leadership. Ben is commercially minded and brings a practical, solutions-focused approach to managing Spectrum and the projects it delivers.

Daniel Gooding
Spatial Data Analyst and Modeler

Daniel is the backbone of Spectrum’s modelling capability. With a background and qualifications in building design, Dan is a specialist in the translation of point clouds into 3D models. His experience in building design helps enormously with client interactions and ensures that the models Spectrum delivers are a true representation of the built form.

Rupert Goldsmith
Point Cloud Procurement

Rupert is a qualified surveyor with over 10 years experience in the spatial industry. Rupert is driven by innovation and a desire to find better ways of mapping the environment in which we live. Rupert spearheads Spectrum’s data capture team and is focused on developing innovative solutions to deliver highly accurate and comprehensive point cloud solutions.

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