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Our Process

Our Process

Our difference? We go one step further.

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At Spectrum, we don’t merely capture
point clouds of sites

We specialise in modelling the world in three dimensions and in formats which works with the software you use. Our process goes one step further which enables us to provide certainty as to the spatial integrity of the data we capture and the models we create.

Step 1

We use the latest in 3D scanning technology to measure and map the world. Our equipment is highly specialised and is capable of capturing kilometers of information whilst ensuring sub-centimeter precision. Our specialty lies in capturing the macro and measuring the micro. Spatial science is a skill and our point cloud procurement team is degree qualified in this area.

Step 2

We take the acquired point cloud and transform the data into a model replicating the site.
This 3D formation is created by modelling the site terrain and integrating it with the building structure. We also incorporate the network of mechanical and electrical plant which is visible throughout the site. The completed model translates directly into Revit BIM software in native objects and families.

Step 3

At Spectrum, we don’t just hand over models. We understand that spatial certainty is a critical element in designing with confidence. That is why all of our models are supported by a rigorous process that provides a verifiable spatial location of every surface and structure we create. This means that when you receive a model from Spectrum, you are guaranteed that the model is a true representation of the site’s built form.

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