The Benefits of Point Cloud Modelling

The Benefits of Point Cloud Modelling

The Benefits of Point Cloud Modelling
January 21, 2019 admin

Scan to BIM technology is changing the process of surveying, design and construction for the AEC industry. 3D laser scanning, in particular, can significantly speed up surveying. Point cloud modelling using BIM software also provides an unparalleled level of detail for architects and civil engineers undergoing redesign and construction projects. In this article, we explore the top benefits of point cloud modelling and how it can enhance your project by assisting you to save time and money.

Faster precision mapping

Laser scanners can collect data much faster than traditional forms of surveying. They can also cover much more ground (as in kilometers of built environment!), quicker. This type of surveying often eliminates the need to return to the site on multiple occasions, saving even more time! But thoroughness and accuracy is never forsaken even though data collection can be carried out so swiftly. The data from the point cloud, which is transformed into a model via BIM software, provides an extremely detailed view of the existing building or built environment.

Prevent setbacks in your project

The detail and accuracy present in the 3D model created by point cloud surveying allows project managers, engineers and architects to recognise challenges in design or redesign before construction begins. This insight is invaluable to the project, as possible setbacks can be prepared for in terms of both the budget and resources. Project managers can altogether avoid the costly downtime associated with discovering and rectifying issues during the construction phase. For example, if the 3D model reveals deteriorating building foundations, the resources needed to fix this issue can be planned for in the renovations. Nasty surprises impacting your budget and human resources are a thing of the past with point cloud modelling.

Develop a more accurate project budget

Point cloud modelling assists you to undertake a very comprehensive building analysis. This allows you to compile realistic proposals with greater accuracy in your budgeting. Furthermore, it means that you are more likely to stick to your budget rather than experience catastrophic blowouts that often occur when models do not present reliable information in minute detail. The beauty of 3D laser scanning when it comes to your budget is that it requires less manpower than traditional methods of surveying. Instead of employing a team of surveyors to map a built environment manually, laser scanning can be implemented to reduce field time, and create a more detailed 3D model.

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